Does installing solar panels increase the value of my house?
At TheGreenHomeCo, we are committed to installing solar systems that not only perform exceptionally but also enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home. Our solar installations come with a projected income for the next 25-30 years, based on government-monitored statistics, which can add financial value to your property.
How does solar benefit the environment?
By installing a typical 3.8kW solar PV system with TheGreenHomeCo’s energy storage, you can save significant amounts of coal, reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to driving several thousand miles in a petrol car, and help offset carbon emissions by planting trees.
How long does it take to charge an electric car?
Charging times for an electric car vary depending on the vehicle’s make and model, but at TheGreenHomeCo, we provide standard 7kW chargers that can charge a typical electric vehicle from empty to full in under 8 hours.
Is it worth waiting for solar technology to improve before investing?
At TheGreenHomeCo, we believe that solar technology has been evolving since the 1950s, and while future improvements in panel performance are possible, they will likely come at a higher cost. Therefore, there is no better time to invest in a fully integrated solar system from TheGreenHomeCo than right now.
What maintenance do solar panels require?
Our solar panels are designed to last and require minimal maintenance. However, it is advisable to clean them periodically to remove dirt, debris, and bird droppings. At TheGreenHomeCo, we provide automatic remote monitoring, and any drop in performance will be reported, and we’ll promptly resolve any issues.
What is solar battery storage?
At TheGreenHomeCo, our solar battery storage system maximizes energy generation and performance, ensuring that every kilowatt of electricity generated is put to the most cost-effective use to suit your lifestyle. Any excess energy is stored in your battery, so you can use it when you need it, and any further excess energy is traded back to the grid.
How long do solar panels last?
Our solar panels are guaranteed to perform at up to 80% efficiency even after 30 years, making them a long-term and reliable investment.
What warranty do I get?
At TheGreenHomeCo, we offer a 30-year performance warranty for all our solar PV installations, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.
What happens to my solar panels if I move house?
Your solar panels have a future income value to the new homeowner, so you can negotiate a price for them or include them in your sale. Unfortunately, they cannot be uninstalled and reinstalled somewhere else. But don’t worry, at TheGreenHomeCo, we’ll give you a special deal for your second system on your new home.
How much can I save with solar?
Savings depend on various factors such as roof size, energy usage, and location. At TheGreenHomeCo, we take all these variables into account to provide you with a personalized quotation and advise you on how to increase savings through economic use of energy on an ongoing basis.
How many solar panels do I need?
The number of solar panels you need depends on your roof size, energy usage, and other factors. At TheGreenHomeCo, we provide personalized advice based on your property and individual needs.
How long does solar panel installation take?
At TheGreenHomeCo, we can typically install an average 4kW system on an average house in less than one day, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.
What is TheGreenHomeCo's next generation solar?
At TheGreenHomeCo, our next generation solar is a unique way of generating and storing energy in your house, while automatically trading excess energy back to the grid at the highest possible level. Our system is constantly monitored to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
How much does a solar installation from TheGreenHomeCo cost?
The cost of a solar installation from TheGreenHomeCo depends on several factors such as the size of your roof and energy usage. Our systems are designed and installed to precisely meet your needs. We’ll provide you with a personalized quotation and payback calculations that will show you how quickly you can recover your investment. At TheGreenHomeCo, we’re committed to providing high-quality solar installations at affordable prices.
If you have any questions that were not answered, feel free to drop us an email, and we will be more than happy to provide you with the information you need.

Going Solar Made Easy: Our Step-by-Step Process for a Smooth Installation

Get in Touch

Get in touch and book your free online or on site survey. Send us over the required info, and we will get to work on your proposal.

Personalised Proposal

Get a professional personalised proposal with design, savings calculations, payback, and installation costs.

Site Survey

Accept proposal, pay deposit, schedule installation and discuss technical details with us. We can also answer any questions.

Installation time

Second payment due on first day of install. Materials delivered to site. Scaffolding team sets up access platform. Roofing team installs panels. Electrical team commissions system, sets up monitoring app (if required), and completes paperwork. Final payment due upon completion and signing of job completion form. Required paperwork issued at this stage.

Start Saving Money

Once your solar PV system is installed and running, you can start enjoying the benefits of clean, renewable energy and lower electricity bills. Your system will be generating electricity from the sun during daylight hours, reducing the amount of power you need to purchase from the grid. **Opt for our optional maintenance package for added peace of mind.

**optional Maintainance package includes monthly monitoring checks, firmware updates and annual PV panel clean to ensure production levels are as high as they can be.

As trusted and reliable experts, we are highly rated by our customers!

Which type of solar panel is the optimal choice to save you money?

Monocrysalline Panels

Monocrystalline solar panels are often considered the best option for saving money over the long term. While they may have a higher upfront cost than other types of solar panels, their efficiency and lifespan make them a cost-effective choice.

Monocrystalline panels are made from single-crystal silicon, which provides higher efficiency and greater electricity production than other types of panels. This means that they require fewer panels to generate the same amount of electricity, which ultimately results in lower installation costs.