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Benefits of Smart Heating Controls

Smart heating controls are thermostat controls that allow you to customise and control your heating demands remotely from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or manually. By increasing and decreasing the temperature quickly, smart heating controls aim to save energy and reduce your energy bills.

Here are some of the benefits of smart heating controls:

  • They’re easy to use and can be controlled remotely, allowing you to adjust your heating even when you’re not at home.
  • You can set the thermostat to know when you’re on holiday, pausing your normal schedules and automatically resuming when you return home.
  • Smart heating can be personalised to suit your preferences and schedule. You can set a different schedule every day to suit you and others living in your property, which can be done easily from apps such as Hive and Nest.
  • You can turn up your heating when it’s extra cold without even having to leave your bed.
  • Some smart heating controls have geolocation alerts and can recognise when you’re home or on your way home, so it knows when to turn the heating on.

According to data gathered from Tado customers, the average energy saving in the UK is 19%. With average annual gas bills in the UK at £572, this could mean savings of around £110 a year. According to Nest, one of the leading smart heating control companies, its UK customers saved between 8.4% – 16.5%.

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