Save Money with Solar iBoost

The Solar iBoost+ device, designed by Marlec, offers a unique way to maximize the benefits of solar PV systems and reduce energy bills.

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How Does the Solar iBoost+ Work?

The Solar iBoost+ is a device that helps homeowners maximize the benefits of their solar PV systems and reduce energy bills. Typically, domestic solar PV systems generate more energy during the day than what is used. This surplus energy is automatically sent to the National Grid. However, the Solar iBoost+ interrupts this process, enabling homeowners to use more of their free solar energy and reduce the amount they need to buy.

The Solar iBoost+ comprises two main components: the Solar iBoost+ Controller, usually installed in an airing cupboard, and a ‘Sender’ that clamps onto the electricity meter.

1. The Sender monitors the electricity generated by the solar PV system and compares it against the electricity being used. It wirelessly sends this information to the Solar iBoost+ Controller.

2. The Solar iBoost+ Controller automatically detects when there’s an excess of 100 watts of energy being generated but not being used. It redirects this excess energy to power the immersion heater, providing free hot water for the homeowner. If the excess energy is needed elsewhere, such as when another appliance is turned on, the Solar iBoost+ Controller automatically adjusts the energy distribution.

3. The Solar iBoost+ ensures that water is only heated up to the immersion heater’s maximum thermostat setting, ensuring optimal energy efficiency.

Overall, the Solar iBoost+ provides homeowners with an innovative and efficient way to manage their solar energy and achieve greater energy independence, while also reducing their energy bills.

Key Features of Solar iBoost+

  • Simple to Install The Solar iBoost+ is easy to install next to your hot water tank as it’s wired to your existing immersion heater, supporting up to 3kW. The Solar iBoost+ Controller and Sender communicate wirelessly, eliminating the need for cables between them. If you have two immersion heaters, the Solar iBoost+ can connect to both and automatically switch between them as needed.
  • Intelligent and Intuitive The Solar iBoost+ is designed to respond automatically and intuitively to changes in your home’s energy use and weather conditions, ensuring that only surplus power is used to heat water.
  • Programmable Timer You can incorporate the Solar iBoost+ with your current heating schedule on a 5/2 basis and program winter/summer settings, providing greater flexibility in managing your energy usage.
  • Boost Function The Solar iBoost+ comes with a built-in Boost switch, enabling you to top up the hot water in 15-minute intervals as needed, ensuring that you always have hot water when you need it.
  • Real-Time Savings The Solar iBoost+ provides real-time information on when it’s using your solar energy to heat water. You can view your current and historical energy savings, including Saved Today, Saved Yesterday, Saved 7 Days, Saved 28 Days, and Total Saved, providing valuable insights into your energy usage and cost savings.
The Solar iBoost+ Buddy
The Solar iBoost+ Buddy is an optional monitoring display that provides homeowners with a clear understanding of their Solar iBoost+ system’s performance. This innovative ‘eco-gauge’ wirelessly connects to the Solar iBoost+ and displays when surplus energy is available to use, when the system is active, and how much money is being saved. With the touch of a button, you can also view your historical savings, providing valuable insights into your energy usage.

The Solar iBoost+ Buddy can be installed at the same time as the Solar iBoost+ or later, depending on your preference. By providing real-time information about your energy consumption and savings, the Solar iBoost+ Buddy offers a powerful tool for homeowners to manage their energy usage and optimize their solar PV system’s performance.

Will it Affect Your Feed-in Tariff?
No, the Solar iBoost+ has no impact on your Feed-in Tariff, and here’s why:

Solar PV systems typically generate energy during the day when most homeowners are out, resulting in excess energy that’s automatically sent to the National Grid. The government pays homeowners for the energy they export based on an estimated 50% of the generated energy since most homes don’t have export meters to track the actual amount exported. Therefore, regardless of whether you export 10%, 30%, or 100% of your solar energy, you’ll still only be paid for 50% of the generated energy.

Even homes with export meters receive only around 5p for each unit of energy they export. Considering that buying back the same energy from an energy supplier costs nearly three times as much, there is little incentive to export energy. Therefore, the Solar iBoost+ has no effect on Feed-in Tariff payments, and homeowners can still benefit from the government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme while also enjoying the cost savings and energy efficiency of the Solar iBoost+ system.

Solar iBoost+ Cost
The total cost of a Solar iBoost+ system typically ranges between £250 and £300, but the exact cost may vary depending on your supplier and installation requirements. Although Marlec doesn’t publish the total fitted cost on their website, they do provide a range of spares and accessories, including extension cables priced at £16.95 and the Solar iBoost+ Buddy, which costs around £80.

Overall, the Solar iBoost+ is a cost-effective solution for homeowners seeking to maximize the benefits of their solar PV systems and reduce energy bills. With its innovative features and intuitive design, the Solar iBoost+ can provide significant cost savings and energy efficiency, making it a wise investment for any homeowner looking to optimize their energy usage.

Is a Solar iBoost+ Right for Your Home?
If you’re looking for an effective way to optimize your solar energy usage and save money on your water heating bills without the expense of a solar storage battery, the Solar iBoost+ is an excellent choice. This is particularly true if you’re out during the day and consistently generating at least 100 watts more energy than what’s being used.

The Solar iBoost+ is suitable for immersion heaters up to 3kW and distances of less than 30m between your hot water tank and electricity meter. With its intelligent features and intuitive design, the Solar iBoost+ can deliver significant cost savings and energy efficiency, making it an ideal solution for any homeowner seeking to maximize the benefits of their solar PV system.

Note: The Solar iBoost+ can also be used to harness other onsite renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines, providing even greater flexibility in managing your energy usage.